Throughout the entire Valle Camonica every single house has, at least, one product made by Artigianato Camuno del Legno, an historical company started almost fifty years ago which manifactures objects, furniture and home accessories in scented and top quality wood pine, all made with the typical soft shapes and delicate colors which can enhance adorn any room with  agrace and amazing elegance hidden behind their apparent simplicity. Inspired by the enironment of this alpine glacial valley, by its history, culture, traditions and life, these finely carved object are created from the raw wood by skillful craftmanship of the artisan, who only using a chisel and a few other tools extracts from matter the pure essence of a concept, of a situation, of a profession or a story, creating a suggestion of light and shadow that emanate from fibers, charming both eyes and spirit. Artigianato Camuno del Legno:

The italian company ByoMusic – Build Your Own Music from Malnate (Varese, Lombardy) is a dynamic and innovative company founded by Thomas Brusati and consisting in a bunch of musicians, designers, craftsmen and sound engineers who can offer top quality online services to create musical rojects, providing professionality and support to every musician and music enthusiast in the many choices that each project entails. On ByoMusic homepage it is possible to customize and order parts, components and even entire instruments, creating unique pieces that will be personally designed by Thomas according to the specific choices of the customer and then produced by the artisans of the company with all the quality and excellence of the handmade work. ByoMusic – Build Your Own Music:

The italian  Caminada Guitars from Chiuduno, Bergamo, inaugurates the first “Made in Italy” partnership between two manufacturers of electric guitars from the same region: the alpine Lombardy. We met the founder and owner Matteo Caminada at the 2015 edition of Secon Hand Guitar fair in Milan and we had the opportunity to observe and appreciate some of his works. Beyond instruments, guitars and basses, Matteo also realizes single wooden components including pickups, pickup rings, plates, truss rod cover plates and much more, giving to his instruments fine details that beautify even more his work. Visit the official homepage to discover more about Caminada Guitars:

The italian I-SPIRA company from Rimini, founded in 2003 by Luca Villani, produces not only high quality magnetic pickup, but also effects and handcrafted preamps for bass, electric and acoustic guitar. Watchwords of this company, a true Made in Italy milestone for the sector, are originality and innovation: these two aspects, together with a rigorous and in-depth research, made I-SPIRA able to give very exclusive products, both for their construction process, materials and look. In fact, the I-SPIRA pickups are undoubtedly different from the traditional ones. The magnets are made on frames designed in CAD and cut by numerical control laser technology, while the reels are made using both automatic or manual driving machines, always using the best quality components. The final assembly is exclusively by hand. I-SPIRA:

The young Media Factory company, located in Esine (Valle Camonica) is a 360° musical reference point for the whole territory and offers a professional recording studio, four fully equipped rehearsal rooms with the most modern and sophisticated components, a modern music academy named “5th Grade Music School“, audio-video services for live events, both indoor and outdoors, and even a professional repair and upgrade service for musical instruments and equipment. Born from an idea of two long time friends, Fabrizio Romani and Federico Poni, Media Factory is also a community of musicians with an experience, passion and professionality acquired over the years through collaboration with important artists and bands from the local and national scene. Visit the official homepage to discover more about Media Factory:

The british Mojo Pickups – Custom Wound & Hand Crafted company from Barkisland (UK) is a world’s leading manufacturer of magnets in vintage style: single coils, humbuckers, Mustang, dog-ear P90 and other products available also in “aged” and “custom” version. Thanks to the established partnership with the founder and owner, Marc Ransley, we can now mount those magnificent pieces on our new guitars, or even replace the ones already mounted on request, according to specific customer requirements. Visit the official homepage to discover more about Mojo Pickups:

The Railhammer Pickups company from Greensboro Drive, Michigan (USA), was founded by Joe Naylor, experienced guitar technician who dedicated years of tests and trials to bring his passive pickups to a new level of performance. The real innovation of his products consists in a combination of exposed blades and poles capable to bring a wider variety of tone than conventional magnets, while maintaining a perfect tonal balance. The sound is also more crystalline and enhanced, with the result of a more complete and organic sound, as only passive pickup are able to provide. Thanks to the agreement with Joe we can now mount these pickup on new guitars or replace the one already mounted, according to each customer specific requirements. Visit the official gomepage to discover more about Railhammer Pickups:

SoundCollectionWith its elegant and brand new showroom recently opened in Rogno (Bergamo, Lombardy) Sound Collection by Deborah Ogliari immediately imposed itself in the territory of the Valle Camonica and Sebino as a reference point for audio and video hi-fi high end system, pro audio and musical instruments. Arisen from the twenty years experience of Deborah and Roberto, professional musicians, passionate collectors of hi-fi and high fidelity lovers, always in search of sound as a source of pure energy for body, mind and soul, Sound Collection is also, among the many things, official dealer and authorized service center of prestigious brands such as Meinl, Dixon, Premier, GK, Randall, Washburn, Aria and Hohner. Sound

WarmanThe british Warman Guitars company from Market Harborough (UK), provides its customers a great variety of quality components at really affordable prices. Selling exclusively on the Internet, the founder Josi Warman is able to offer, even to the most demanding musicians, products which can satisfy any request at significantly lower prices than the more famous brands. In addition to pickups, bridges, machine heads, electronics and all other necessary parts to build, repair or even “upgrade” electric guitars and basses, the Warman Guitars also offers a serie of very useful tools and utensils for those who want to start and nurture the art of luthiery. Visit the official homepage to discover more about Warman Guitars:

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