ARCA Beta coming soon…

After four Zero we were tired, so we decided to create something new… Here we go, the BETA EXP! (work in progress)

Arca Primitive Guitars partnership with Warman Guitars UK

2016 has just begun and, along with the New Year, we can another celebrate another and very welcome partnership: this time with the british Warman Guitars company from Market Harborough, a Leicestershire district. The founder and owner Josi Warman has in

Arca Primitive Guitars partnership with Media Factory

Brand new collaboration for the “camuna” guitars: this time with two old time friends, Fabrizio Romani and Federico Poni from Media Factory. Our musical instruments inspired by the enironment and cultural heritage of Valle Camonica have now partnered with this young

Arca Primitive Guitars partnership with Railhammer Pickups USA

We are very pleased to announce that “Zero – The camuna guitar” established another great partnership: this time is with the US company Railhammer Pickups from Greensboro Drive, Michigan. The founder and owner, Joe Naylor, was pleasantly fascinated by the

“Camuna” guitars landed at Second Hand Guitars in Milano

Sunday November 15th we partecipated the 2015 edition of SHG – Second Hand Guitars, the biggest european instrument fair at ATA Hotel in Via Lampedusa, Milan. At the exposition, set on three different levels and with more than a hundred

Zero.2 sold!

We are very pleased to announce that one of the “camuna guitars” we realizes was sold. It is the “Zero.Due“, purchased by a customer in the Artigianato Camuno del Legno shop in Ponte di Legno (BS). To tell the thruth

Zero.Zero web debut in We Dare videoclip

We Dare music videoclip “I do not think I’m ready” marks the real musical debut of the “Zero” guitar project. The song, first single of the band founded in 2015, was recorded in March 2015 using the prototype , already modified

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